The first modern tramway in South of Sweden


The first modern tramway in South of Sweden

Urban development is important for creating jobs, facilitate housing and in many ways important for many different aspects of living in a society. The city of Lund is investing a great del in urban development and the vision is to expand with 50 000 people in the next decades.  

Trams is the new thing in south of Sweden, and they’re a completely new way of traveling in Lind. The city is building a final stop on the brand-new tram line that will pass between Lund C and ESS. The urban development will be built along the tramway, the municipalities will be densified, renews and build upon.

"During the modeling work with the facade, we’re inspired by a folded sheet of paper, it may sound banal but that was actually how it went. We wanted a facade that gave a certain pattern effect, and was somehow challenging, so we folded the plate equally as the pleated sheet. " says Nils-Olof Ljunggren, Architect SAR / MSA

The tramway is a 5,5-kilometer-long core of the progressive countryside of Skåne where a couple of the 9 stops the biggest public transport nodes are. As a last stop, a modern depot is build consisting of 4000 m² spaces made for daily maintenance, cleaning, workshop and offices for traffic management. The facades are signed by SAPA.

”This is an amazing building and SAPA is proud to be a part of it, we aim towards the future and we’re investing in a modern depot for public transport”, says Mattias Jansson, Sales Manager at SAPA Sweden.

The spectacular depot will be the home base for Lund’s seven trams, they’re all named after characteristics of the city – Sfnixen, Lindeman, Blåtand, Brandklipparen, Inferno, Saxo Grammaticus and Åsa-Hanna. Knowing these names will tell you the story of the city of Lund. And who wouldn’t want to travel through the landscape and history of Lund?

”The greatest challenge for the project has been about loose attachments and dimensioning profiles, and we’re glad for the attention of the project and that it’s a landmark next to two other large landmarks in Lind such as MAX IV and ESS. The unique thing about just this project is that it is a large arched lot with a large glass ", says Jonny Englund project manager at Alab Aluman.

Architect: Tengbom
Developer: Region Skåne / Lunds Kommun
Construction contractor: NCC Building Sweden
Metal builder: Alab Aluman AB
SAPA solutions: Facade 4150, Doorr 2086, Window 1086

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