A smoother and easier calculation software for building constructions

A smoother and easier calculation software for building constructions


SAPA is launching a new calculation software, TechDesign by Sapa, with modern user interface, for fast and easy preparation in full 3D. TechDesign opens up for several design- and working processes to become more efficient and easier to manage. Different elements can be opened in parallel for faster navigation between objects. It is possible to calculate the U-value of the entire product range and get static calculations for choosing aluminium profiles according to the Eurocode standards. TechDesign also give you the opportunity to document your sustainability in practice, by using dynamic EPD

Full 3D interface with an integrated CAD module
The 3D engine allows to design 3D elements in a fast and simple way. You can start your product design from scratch but also import files in different format (dxf, dwg, collada). TechDesign by Sapahas an integrated CAD module that allows to stay in one application and manage all in one place.Automatic updates are also made in the background to save time for the user and reduce interference.

Dynamic EPD – Documentation for Sustainability
TechDesign contains an integrated EPD module, that means you can get a declaration of the entire project's environmental impact, everything from the smallest screw to the actual transport to the building site. In another word - a way to show how sustainable you really are in practice.


Daniel Andersson
Software Manager
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