1086 Vintage


1086 Vintage

Sapa is introducing an elegant window system that is ideal for renovating old industrial buildings where the aim is to preserve the original style but gain all the benefits of highly insulated, maintenance-free modern construction.

Sapa Window 1086 Vintage is a highly insulated aluminium window in a vintage style that harmonises well with older buildings, including protected buildings. Despite its retro look, the window system meets modern standards of quality and thermal insulation. The slender frame and sash profiles create an elegant look that also lets in maximum light.

Sapa Window 1086 Vintage is based on the popular Thermo 86 design with 86 mm deep aluminium profiles. These are insulated with 42 mm glass-fibre-reinforced polyamide strips and meet the highest classes of airtightness and watertightness, with a very low U-value. This rustic-style aluminium window combines good durability, minimal maintenance and long life. It can be specified in fixed or inward-opening configurations with the option of concealed hinges, or as a block window with stepped glazing that conceals the frames from the outside, creating a larger exterior glazed area. Windows can be fitted with glazing bars, and sashes can be bent into circular or semi-circular shapes.

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