AURA – A new city landmark in Malmö


AURA – A new city landmark in Malmö

The 15-minute city can be described in many ways, however, there’s one expression that sort of nails it – “putting people at the center of urban transformation”. Everyone should have a 15-minute access to necessary services to meet their daily needs. This type of model gives a lot more life into the local areas within a city, and it’s a lot more sustainable having everything just around the corner.

Intensity and space – “Citadellstaden” is Malmö’s new city within a city. Walking around in the new urban environment you’ll surround yourself with both water, parks and a city environment. SKANSKA describe the area beautifully - “här får hela livet plats”, which basically means that your whole life can fit in this neighborhood.

Aura as a building includes 6 700 square meters with a pree school, boutiques and offices. And with a golden roof designed by the well-known architect Dorte Mandrup, the building will clearly be an exclamation mark for the location. “The Aura rooftop is designed to create an expressive finish facing the sky and to create generous views towards the city. The roof shape allows for terraces facing east towards the city center and west towards Öresund. The shape also ensures ample space for services and freeing up space in the core of the building, adding value on all levels. Furthermore, to amplify the vertical movement and allow daylight into the working spaces at the top level, the roof landscape is cut into vertical sections that also adds a distinct artistic character to the building.” – Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter A/S

Aura is a well noticed building and was both nominated to the prestigious awards Glaspriset in 2020, and has also achieved the environmental certificate LEED, level platinum. The project was also a finalist in Gröna Lansen 2020, and a part of the juror nomination said following “ From start, a green workplace has been built to reduce waste and energy consumption. Green agreements for electricity and district heating have since ensured continued low energy consumption”. Besides the focus in sustainability regarding material, carbon emissions etc, the project also created a forum where the team also worked as coaches for young citizens wanting to realize their dreams.

Metal builder: GlasLindberg
Developer: SKANSKA
Architect: Dorte Mandrup
SAPA products : 1086, 2086, 4150, 5050