A facelift for Halmstad University, Sweden – New extension and renovation of the S-house


A facelift for Halmstad University, Sweden – New extension and renovation of the S-house

Do you remember your math teacher? Or do you remember the actual classroom? According to modern studies, the environment is just as important as the teacher when it comes to education. Health, concentration and results are all factors with major improvement thanks to a modern environment containing lots of natural light. A successful example of this is the S-house in Halmstad University, and the building achieved the certification Miljöbyggnad Silver.

Per Kåhred Photography

A mix of old and new, that would be a pretty accurate description of Fredblad Arkitekters latest design, S-huset at Högskolan I Halmstad. The old 40’s industrial building got both a facelift and a new extension. Modern facilities, with advanced laboratories, auditoriums and offices now fills the old premises, and the old industrial vibe blends in beautifully with the modern establishment.

” The vision was to create, and to recreate the origin of the building. Glass sections played an important role of recreating the character. The integrated sun protection and screen-printed glass give the building a nice character ", says Leif Jönsson, Architect SAR / MSA.

S-huset has a ceiling height of 18 meters, and the glass roof generously lets in tons of natural light. The environment is light and airy and creates comfortable meeting spots for both students and teachers. The cultural value of the building was certainly an important aspect of the project, and this has carefully been in consideration while restoring parts of the project. New windows, a new roof and a crescent roof has been added in order to improve the quality of the in- and outdoor climate.

“It is important when we design school environments to handle daylight in a careful way. It’s about ensuring the right access to daylight, creating sun-protected indoor environments and also providing the inner parts of the building with glare-free light. The large glass lanterns give a pleasant light to all parts of the building,” says Leif Jönsson, Architect SAR / MSA.

The building achieved the certification as Miljöbyggnad Silver.

Developer: Intea Fastigheter AB
Contractor: Fragerus Bygg AB
Architect: Fredblad Arkitekter