Varyap Meridien

Highrise large scale project in Istanbul, Turkey

Sapa Building System meets project requirements

For this particular project, the curtain wall had to match the requirements for weather and other elements challenging the city of Istanbul. Project required for the building a panel system which would be durable in earthquakes. Moreover seeing the high-rise building, the curtain wall system must be proved in very specific features on higher winds, water tightness, air pressure values, system opening and security.

Unitised Curtain Walling system Elegance 72

For the whole project (6 buildings of a height between 20 and 61 storeys) 100 000 m² of aluminium elements were fabricated, delivered and installed at the building site. IT outwards opening windows were fitted as a project solution to the Elegance 72 curtain walling system. 

Achieved performance levels, confirmed by test reports: water tightness: 1200 Pa, wind resistance: 3000 Pa (safety: 4500 Pa), earthquake seismic movement tests according to AAMA 501.4-09.

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