Curtain Walling

Vertical and horizontal aluminium framing members (‘sticks’) are cut to length and machined in the workshop, ready for assembly on the building site. This creates a framework into which fixed glazing, insulated panels and opening windows can be installed.

Uses the same framework as a stick system, into which pre-fabricated and glazed frames are installed. These infill frames are fully fabricated and pre-glazed in the workshop, providing fixed and opening windows with an identical internal and external appearance.

Storey-height aluminium frames, fully assembled, glazed and panelled in the workshop under factory controlled conditions. Lifted onto pre-positioned brackets, fixed on the building site, they provide a fast enclosure of the building, with minimal labour and no external scaffolding.

Integrated windows are used to minimise the visual impact of opening glazed elements in both stick and unitised curtain walling. Dedicated outer-frames fit discretely into the curtain wall framework, with structurally bonded glass on the opening vents maintaining the external surface plane and limiting the sightlines.

Specialist curtain wall systems provide performance enhancements that protect the building and its occupants in the event of an unwanted incidents, such as burglary, fire, ballistic and blast.

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