Make the right choice!

See the whole picture. Which features are most important to you? Light and openness often add value to the whole house. User-friendly features are important for practical daily use.

1 - Function

Make sure you prioritise the function of the room. The right choice of sliding door and fittings depends on how you want to use the room. 

2 - The opening

How large an opening do you want? Large sections of glass also imply heavy weight. Fixed window sections combined with sliding doors give a visual openness.

3 - Location

Weather and wind should influence your choice. Areas close to the sea require strong materials and solutions.Effective seals, low U values and minimal maintenance save energy and time.

4 - Comfort and performance

Rigid designs with good weather seals provide the foundation for a good acoustic climate and low energy consumption. The choice of handles and fittings is important for ease of use and security.

5 - Glass

Choose the glass specification in consultation with our fabricators.Our standard solutions are suitable in most cases, but there is always room for special requirements.

6 - Finish

Aluminium building systems requireminimum maintenance. Choose between anodised or painted surfaces.You can choose different colours on the inside and outside. Read more about Finishes and colours.