Window 1086 SX/1086 PX

Our windows and doors combine all the benefits of aluminium with excellent thermal insulation. The combination of stability, precision, reliable operation and minimal maintenance gives you products that last for many, many years.

A modern door and window system with excellent thermal insulation. It also meets the highest standards of resistance to rain and draughts, and offers effective sound reduction. With burglar-resistant fittings and glass, Thermo 86 and 86 SX meet resistance class RC 2, for windows in dimensions up to 1250x1800 mm.

The window 1086 SX can be fixed or open inwards and is also available with concealed hinges. Very low U-values ensure the best comfort and low energy costs, down to 0.88 W/m²K .

Our best window 1086 PX reaches Passive House level and is therefore suitable for buildings with extremely high demands on energy efficiency. Passive houses are an energy efficient house that is substantially heated by solar radiation, lighting and body heat. The inward window has a frame height of only 94.5 mm, which is extremely low for windows for passive houses, thus allowing optimized glazing and transparency. Available as side-hung, bottom-hung, top-hung and tilt-and-turn windows.

With glass with a very low heat transfer coefficient of Ug = 0.50 W / m²K, a 1086 PX window with measures 1430x1280 mm reaches:
Uw = 0.80 W / m²K in openable design
Uw = 0.72 W / m²K in fixed design

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