Sliding Terrace Door 1086

The sliding terrace door is part of our classic window system 1086, which combines effective insulation with good resistance to draughts and water penetration.The effective seals also enhance the acoustic performance of the door.

Seals for exposed locations
Fully welded centre seals on all sides ensure excellent resistance to draughts and rain. A raised threshold provides better protection against leaks in exposed locations.

Opening options
The sliding terrace door runs on a trackon the inside and slides completely to one side, parallel with the fixed section.In the closed position, the door is flush with the fixed window section.The door can be tilted inwards to provide ventilation.It is easy to open and close since it runs on dual rollers on an aluminium track.The sliding terrace door permits wide openings.

Locks and fittings
The sliding door is fitted with an espagnolette lock. Locking points be specified by width and height. Doors can be equipped with a cylinder lock for locking from the inside or from the inside and outside.Fittings are concealed, which gives the door a cleaner design.

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