Performance and glass


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Key to table and summary of classifications
The U-value varies depending on the choice of glass and dimensions of the product.
Low U-value = better insulation, allows less energy to escape.
* Our calculations are based on glazing units with energy-saving glass:double-glazed Ug = 0.9 W/m²K and triple-glazed Ug = 0.7 W/m²K, for maximum dimensions of the entire product, unless specified otherwise.Value for Folding French Window 1086 is based on triple-glazed specification;Window 1086 SX and Avantis are based on standard dimensions of 1430 x 1280 mm; and Facade 4150 SX is based on dimensions of 5.0 x 5.0 m. Our window systems also include French doors.Burglar-resistant versions have glazing, locks and fittings that meet the relevant class.It is important to decide on your performance needs at an early stage.

Choice of glass

There are several choices of glass to suit therequired comfort level and energy requirements– profiles that accept triple-glazed units naturally allow the widest choice. Different types of glass are available to meet requirements such as burglar resistance, fire protection, sound reduction, dirt repellence, solar shading and energy saving. It is also possible to screen-print the glass with different patterns, or to use coloured glass.

Important points to consider
Glass surfaces that are unprotected and placed where people can come in contact with them, must be designed to limit the risk of personal injury. Glass surfaces of this type must be dimensioned to withstand the impact of aperson. Applicable standards and requirements must be taken into account.

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