Lift-and-Slide Door 2160

Our lift-and-slide door combines attractive design with durability and the ultimate convenience. A highly insulated, robust and user-friendly design makes this an excellent choice for new builds and conversions in outer walls.

User-friendly and well insulated
Sapa’s frame insulation and seals limit heat loss as effectively as possible, giving excellent resistance to draughts and water penetration, and ensuring good comfort and low energy consumption. Rigid stainless steel tracks and large corrosion-resistant rollers ensure good durability and allow doors up to 3.2 m wide to slide easily, smoothly and quietly.

Hidden fixing points, specially designed end pieces and a slim door profile give 2160 a harmonious look. The threshold is designed to be recessed into the floor.

Choice of options
When the handle is raised the door can easily be “parked” in any position. 2160 can also be fitted with a locking mechanism to permit ventilation at night. 2160 is available with special options such as multipoint locking, safety glazing and special fittings to enhance security to burglar-resistance class 2.

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