Lift-and-Slide door 2160 S

The Sapa 2160 S Lift-and-Slide Door is a high-quality sliding door that combines a low-profile height with very effective air-tightness and excellent thermal properties. The sliding door design is based on our classic Sapa 2160 optimized for medium sizes and with slimmer profiles.

User-friendly and well-insulated

The lift-and-slide door is made of insulated aluminum profiles with a frame depth of 160 mm and a door leaf depth of 70 mm. The excellent thermal performance is achieved thanks to 50 mm wide glass fiber reinforced polyamide strips in combination with 3-glass insulation panes up to 53 mm.

The lift-and-slide door has lift-slide fittings for a very smooth and user-friendly handling. The door leaf is easily slid aside and seals all around as the door leaf is lowered a few millimeters in closed position.

Choice of options
When the handle is raised the door can easily be “parked” in any position. 2160 S can also be fitted with a locking mechanism to permit ventilation at night. 2160 S is available with special options such as multipoint locking, safety glazing and special fittings to enhance security to burglar-resistance class 2.

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