French Window 1086, outward-opening

A French window with effective insulation, excellent resistance to draughts and water penetration, and good acoustic performance. An excellent solution that can be combined with windows or large glazed sections with toplights.

Doors and glazing in harmony
The French window is a part of our window system 1086, which also includes windows, fixed glazing, sliding terrace doors and folding French doors. These share the same basic design, and when they are combined with each other create glazed walls with a harmonious look. The design is reliable and and well proven.

The French window can be specified as a single door with a maximum height of 2350 mm and maximum width of 1125 mm. It can be supplied fully glazed, or with parts of the door fitted with infill panels. Glazing bars can also be added. Suitable for balconies, terraces and decks.

The rigid construction and fully welded centre seals on all sides ensure excellent resistance to draughts and rain.

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