Folding French Window 1086

A new folding French window with effective seals and excellent thermal insulation. Innovative technology gives you stylish design and good comfort. This door is ideal for homes, balconies, terraces and conservatories.

Unique to the market
Our folding French window has a uniquely smart design in which conventional hinges are replaced with neatly integrated hinged profiles. These run the full height of the frame and distribute the weight uniformly so there is no risk of warping. This innovative feature not only ensures stability but also prevents finger-trapping, provides unbroken seal lines and requires minimal adjustment and maintenance. The door opens and closes quietly and has a clean and uncluttered look, without any visible screws.

Smooth and convenient
To open the door you simply push the frames to one side so that they fold up outside. Smooth and precise folding is ensured by an integrated guide rail in the top of the frame and a sturdy roller that runs in a stainless steel track. Hidden adjusters allow a precise fit at the top, bottom and sides, ensuring that the door runs smoothly and has a perfect finish. This provides enhanced thermal performance and a high level of security. The folding French window folds up on the outside and is available with a low threshold.

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