Surface treatment

Aluminium is a beautiful material. Anodizing enhances its metallic character. We offer anodizing in six different colors.

Most of the colors in the NCS-S and RAL spectrums can be used for powder coating. We have chosen a gloss value of 80 since this gives the surface a sober and durable finish.

You can combine the different surface treatments to create the effect you want. On exposed parts, such as door leaves and strike plates, clear anodizing is often the best choice. The whole is more important than the individual parts. Aim to give complementary parts the same surface finish.

We offer Scandinavia's widest range of surface treatments, with two surface treatment methods available for aluminium profiles. Each method has its own strengths and advantages. The choice will depend on the individual situation and personal taste.

Anodizing              Anodizing results in durable color and gloss. Anodizing is available in various colors: Clear, Hx (bronze to black) and with a stainless steel look. The profile is colored through an electrolytic process.

Lacquering                        To ensure maximum adhesion, durability and product quality, the profiles are carefully pre-treated prior to lacquering. Powder coating is the most common pre-treatment method.