Flooring for higher tightness requirements

Sealed flooring profiles are especially suitable for covering pools, channels, etc. at wastewater treatment plants where aerosolization techniques are used. The sealed flooring profiles, combined with process ventilation that creates negative pressure, prevent aerosols contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms from spreading into the room. This also improves the possibilities of recovering the gases for fuel or heating purposes. When leakage from the system can be accurately measured, the process ventilation can be dimensioned to achieve the optimal negative pressure underneath the cover. Easy end sealing – no welding.

Tightness testing

Sapa sealed flooring profiles are tested for airtightness by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) in Borås. The tests are performed in a test rig normally used for tightness testing of windows and doors. The results showed relatively low air leakage. If an even more airtight floor is required, the gap between the end cover and the edge of the supporting structure can be sealed. This reduces air leakage by a further 70%.

See tables below: