Ranheim School, Trondheim


Ranheim School has a fantastic location by the sea in the Ranheim Fjord, where Sjøskogbekken flows into the Trondheim Fjord. The project is the result of a project competition that Lusparken Arkitekter won together with HENT in June 2008. The location and the site's qualities have guided the design of the school building. The school building forms a building screen to the north / northeast and provides a cozy and protected inner courtyard facing the south school. The exterior of the display features a rugged cladding of standing Kebony, horizontal wooden windows and large glass windows, while the inside has a more refined cladding with painted wooden slit panels, lacquered facade profiles and white pigmented concrete. The concrete to the south stores cold and heat and protects the school from climatic influences from the sun, while the wooden screen to the north protects the school from wind and rainfall from the north and northwest. The screen's inside and outside zone parts also built.

On the outside are all student areas with fantastic views out over the Trondheim Fjord and the Fosen Alps. Windows and large glass boxes capture the characteristic light from the north and provide air and light to the teaching areas. The outside also contains classrooms for arts and crafts, ICT, canteen kitchen and administration. The site is north and west facing and protects the student areas from sun and heat from the south. Goods receipt and staff entry are added to this page. Inside are the school's common areas, main entrance and decentralized entrances for 1-7 steps, separate canteen / SFO for 1-4 steps, library, food and health, teaching rooms for the cultural school, music rooms and the school's banquet hall.

A variation between heavy building volumes in concrete and large open glass sections lets light into the building, but also provides structural weight and a climatic buffer. The schoolyard is a continuation of the interior to the south. The use of glass has opened the school to the surroundings, and at the same time contributed to the areas being bright and pleasant and easy to orientate. The light and the place provide a good framework for learning.

Kai Rune Bakke, Siv. Ark MNAL, Lusparken Arkitekter AS

Facility: Ranheim School
Place: Trondheim, Norway
Construction year: 2010
Architect: Lusparken Architects AS
Fabricator: Ratdal AS

Facades: Sapa 4150, 4150 EI30
Doors: Sapa 2050, 2074, 2074 EI30
Windows: Sapa 1074
Surface finish: Powder coating RAL 7016

Photography: Hans Bonnevier

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