Frida School and Frida Pre-School, Gothenburg


Architect's description
Low-middle and high school, preschool and gymnastics building. The New Frida School is a vision of a hut up among the trees where it resembles the world tree Yggdrasil - the tree of knowledge - from whose branches works the dew of knowledge over all the school's students. You start your schooling at the bottom of the ground level in zero and one and as you advance you climb higher and higher and reach the age of eight and can soon stand on their own legs. Then you are "pushed" down to the entrance floor and finish high school. In the first two floors, the supporting pillars mark the "stems" in the transparent glass facade and provide a lightness that is crowned with a more closed volume - like a polished hut.

A square building, simply built around its geometric shape, with an inner through-room as a central center room, and connects all floors. The desire has been to strive for flexibility where teaching and self-study can occur spontaneously in principle anywhere and allow room formations, new learning environments, which can be reshaped and where group sizes can vary. A teaching landscape in a school in continuous development.

A transparent design where you as a student can see and look but also be seen. A transparent school that contributes to increased understanding between human differences and contributes to both formal and informal contacts. "

Björn Sahlqvist, Architect SAR SIR / MSA

ArkitektStudion AB

Building: Frida School and Frida Pre-school
Location: Sankt Jörgen Park, Gothenburg.
Year of construction: 2014
Architect: ArkitektStudion AB
Fabricator: Göteborgs Metallpartier AB
Developer: Gårda Johan Utveckling

Facades: Sapa Facade 4150 with specially designed low-profile glass holders
Roof: Sapa Roof Glazing 5050
Doors: Sapa Door 2074
Surface treatment, colour: Powder-coated, RAL 7011

Photographer: Hans Bonnevier

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