Clarion Hotel & Congress. Trondheim


The hotel at Brattøra redefines the classical atrium hotel typology to a new and strong identity. The rooms are arranged/organized in four highly rational structures all oriented towards the perfect view. The rotation transforms the atrium from an enclosed central space to a 3-dimensional star shaped lobby space. Unlike the classical American and Asian hotel atrium where everything is exposed in a centralized and vertical, magnificent but one-dimensional experience under a glass cover - the lobby is here given a 3-dimensional and dynamic spatial experience with a programmed roof, and a sequence of shifts between glimpse and panorama, intimacy and spectacular exposure.

The hotel bears references to the local city fabric of Trondheim in the combination between the large structural lines and the small intimate ’ally’. The project is a new type of city block - transformed by two forces: the orientation of the private rooms in relation to views - and inside: the dynamic shape of the common/collective/shared/public space
in between with glimpses and passages towards the harbor basin, the fjord and the park.The hotel becomes a landmark without front or backside - but oriented towards the city and the fjord for optimal views in all directions. A light-house by the sea and inviting from the city.

The lobby area at ground level belongs to the city and the public space
The hotel room structure is ’dissolved’ at ground level to increase the public accessibility at ground level. The openness secures good orientation from inside and out - and internally between reception, elevators, lobby bar restaurant, exhibition area and conference. Cross connections, shortcuts and moving of common functions into the adjacent squares are encouraged: outdoor dining at the south-west faced terraces by the Brattøra basin, pause areas in the park, exhibition and entertainment can turn towards an outdoor arena and representative ’red carpet’ entrance with fountain and stone garden are facing the city. SUPERSTAR LOBBY, the exceptional common space of the hotel connects all the public functions from ground level to the upper floors - spanning between the rational hotel room structures.

In the 3-dimensional lobby, the fireplace room, conference facilities and sky bar with roof terrace are shaped in a free form to take advantage of unique attractions towards the park, the Brattøra basin and the free view above neighbor buildings. The internal crystalline shape fragmented, but vertical sacral - gives associations to dramatic ice formations with cliffs, rips and ice floes.

Space Group Arkitekter AS, Gesine Gummi

Facility and place: Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim, Norway
Construction year: 2009-2012
Architect: Space Group Arkitekter AS
Fabricator: Saint-Gobain Bøckmann AS
Proprietor: Star Property AS

Doors: Sapa 2074
Windows: Sapa 4074
Facades: Sapa 4150 SSG 3-glass
Glass: KN055 Seralit and Emalit, SKN 054 Seralit, Cool-Lite SKN 154 II, Ultra N II, Diamant Ultra N, 
Surface finish: Powder coating, RAL 9003 white, 7016 anthracite grey , 9005 black

Photography: Hans Bonnevier

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