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25,000 tons CO2 reduced through 100+ building projects with Hydro CIRCAL

22 Dec 2020

Hydro CIRCAL was launched one year ago and has become a key part of Hydro’s aluminium product portfolio. SAPA facades are today produced with this prime quality recycled aluminium to meet the growing demand for low-carbon products. More than 100 large building projects have been signed with facades, windows and doors from the Building System brands of Hydro, included SAPA, since the greener brand Hydro CIRCAL was launched last year. The projects range from 10 to 400 tonnes of aluminium.   “This milestone highlights the potential for low-carbon aluminium products in the building industry. With strong focus on execution, our team has secured and delivered solutions for a variety of building projects. We also have several interesting projects in the pipeline,” says Henri Gomez, Head of Building Systems in Hydro.

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A smoother and easier calculation software for building constructions

30 Nov 2020

SAPA is launching a new calculation software, TechDesign by Sapa, with modern user interface, for fast and easy preparation in full 3D. TechDesign opens up for several design- and working processes to become more efficient and easier to manage. Different elements can be opened in parallel for faster navigation between objects. It is possible to calculate the U-value of the entire product range and get static calculations for choosing aluminium profiles according to the Eurocode standards. TechDesign also give you the opportunity to document your sustainability in practice, by using dynamic EPD


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SAPA launches sliding door using extremely slim profiles

26 Nov 2020

SAPA is now launching a sleek, high-quality lift-and-slide door that elegantly combines slim profiles with a high level of airtightness and excellent thermal properties. The most important feature of this design is also the least visible: its narrow centre profile. These slim profiles allow a minimalist design approach and let in even more of that all-important daylight.


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SAPA launches tailormade screen window with integrated sun shading system

05 Nov 2020

Together with Hunter Douglas, SAPA has developed an innovative and unique screen window solution where the solar shading system is mounted hidden in the frame top with a newly developed aluminum profile. The integrated solution creates an elegant expression that does not interfere with maximum view.

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6 months later – Sapa update on the COVID-19 situation

03 Sep 2020

I guess many of us had a quite different year and summer than planned this year. However, different is sometimes also good. When we are forced to change our habits, as now with Covid19 pandemic,  this often give us new insight and we sometimes find out that breaking a pattern is better.  This summer has, at least for me,  been characterised by slower speed, spending more time with family and friends as well as being tourist in my own country. Many of these changes will probably stick also after Covid19 has disappeared, simply because it’s a better solution for us as individuals, the environment and the society as such.

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