Windows/French Windows

Sapa Window 1086 is a high-insulated aluminium window system with low U-value and performance down to the passive level. The system is based on a solid design with 86 mm deep profiles and offers good sound reduction.

Please note:  all products in the 74 systems expire December 31, 2019 and are replaced by the corresponding product in the 86 systems.

Sapa Window 1074 is an insulated aluminium window system based on a proven and stable construction with 74 mm deep profiles. The system is available in versions inward, outward, block and light-wall windows.

Sapa Window 1050 is a non-insulated aluminium window system for inward opening or fixed windows. The system is suitable for interior windows, or in places without the requirement of isolation. The profile depth is 50 mm and fittings can be laid side-hung, under-hung, over-hung or combined under- and side-hung.

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