Sapa Door 2086 is a high-insulated aluminium door system with low U-value and good weather tightness developed with a clear focus on energy and performance. The system is ideal for exterior doors in modern buildings with high demands.


REVIT BIM 3D-models

Please note:  all products in the 74 systems expire December 31, 2019 and are replaced by the corresponding product in the 86 systems.

Sapa Door 2074 is an insulated aluminium door system with a wide range of applications that can be easily combined with our fa├žade systems. The door system is well suited for main entrances, exits and stairwells and can also be performed as the entrance sliding-doors.

BIM Revit 3D-models

Sapa Heavy Duty Door 2060 is our strongest aluminium door system. We recommend it to buildings with heavy traffic like stations, stadiums, schools, shopping centres, etc. The door is non-insulated and has thicker walls for maximum strength and durability.

Sapa Door 2050 is a door system in aluminium that is perfect suited for interior solutions or in places without the requirement of isolation. The door system is based on non-insulated extrusions with a profile depth of 50 mm.

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