Surface treatment

We offer the widest surface finishing program for aluminium sections in Scandinavia. Which surface to prefer depends on the desired colour and finish.

It is an electrolyticprocess in which an oxide layer is formed. The layer reinforces the surface which becomes resistant to mechanical wear, UV radiation and the influence of aggressive environments. Anodising ensures durability of colour and lustre. Anodising can be delivered in colour Clear anodising, Hx ( bronze to black) and in "stainless steel" look.

In order to obtain the right quality of the painted surface it is important that the pre-treatment and application of paint, as well as the subsequent curing are done correctly. We can also offer a non chromating pre-treatment. Powder coating is without doubt the dominating painting method today. Painting offers an unlimited selection of colours. In principle, there are no limitations as regards the colours. The RAL and NCS-S scales offer a large number of colours.