Body side system 25 mm

Intended for body sides, rear doors and front bulkheads. The body side profiles are connected with each other using snap-in joints and the edge profiles are fastened with pop rivets from the inside and the outside. Delivered as tailor-made finished body sides complete with all accessories or as profiles in long lengths. The 201-25 body side system includes profiles suitable for different kinds of edge strips, pillars, locks and hinges.

The body side profiles are available in heights of 50, 100, 150 and 200 mm which are combined to obtain the required total side height. Some bottom and edge profiles are provided with grooves for rubber strips that are used when sealing or noise dampening is required. The profiles come with different wall thickness values from 1.8 mm to 4 mm on the inside.

All stocked profiles are anodised. Anodising results in an attractive and wear resistant surface that is easy to clean.

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